Kayland Zephyr Boot

I had perfect weather and the perfect companion joining me (my baby girl) for a training hike up the White Cross trail at Mt. Monadnock yesterday. I took the opportunity to try out my new Kayland Zephyrs, which Backpacker Magazine chose for it’s 2009 Editor’s Choice Awards.

I had roughly 40 lbs on my back with baby and carrier which provided the perfect test weight for my new Kayland’s. Out of the box comfort can be deceiving at times with various boots so I threw in the added insurance of  heavy weight merino wool socks.

On the way up I was impressed with the ankle support and that my heel was locked into the footbed with no slipping. This is a lightweight hiker that felt just as light as many low cut hikers I have worn- yet a lot more stable. Folks familiar with the White Cross trail know you need shoes that will stick to the massive granite glacial deposits. The Zephyr was up to task scrambling up the steeper sections and inspiring confidence with every step. I also loved the wrap around piece protecting the toe box and the lower parts of the boots from abrasion.

The Kayland Zephyr uses a eVent waterproof layer that breathes exceptionally well.

After a nice lunch on top and my daughter’s first peak bagging experience we made our way down. This is where the Zephyr really shined. There is a floating piece that seems gimmicky at first look but it’s amazing how it moves with your foot on the downhill preventing rub on your Achilles. This was a highlight because it helps reduce the probability of blisters and makes it feel like a glove on the foot.

The other welcome surprise is the design of the lugs on the vibram sole. It’s hard to describe but you could feel tread working for you on the way down. Maybe not as noticeable with less weight on the back, but with the 40 or so lbs on my back it was a difference maker.

I look forward in putting this pair of hikers through the paces on our “Hike to Remember”!

Thank you to Kayland for supporting our efforts in spreading the awareness of early onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

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