Keen Springwater Bike Shoe

I didn’t realize how shot my old bike shoes were until I got into a pair of Keen Springwater bike shoes a couple of months ago. Now that I have logged about 500 miles on them I figured it was time to share my thoughts. I had read about the shank not being stiff enough but that is what reviews are for as not everyone agrees, including me.  My mountain bike shoes had served their purpose and were comfortable but had nothing left for stiffness. The Keen’s felt great right out of the box. They provide more then enough stiffness for the urban commuter and can be used for some light trail riding.  The shoe provides the stiffness needed for effective power transfer to the pedal.

The Velcro straps have held strong in the wettest of conditions with no worry of a lace coming free and getting caught up in the chain. They are fairly weather resistant but the water will make it’s way into the shoe through the SPD cleat.  As it gets colder I may rig them with some tyvek with a little glue to keep the hole covered and dry from the inside.  I haven’t had any problem getting the booties on over the shoes for foul weather riding.

Like many Keen’s they run a little wide but not as wide as most Keen shoes.  I went a whole size up from my normal size but that was too much so I had to return them for a half  size larger then my regular kicks instead.

The Keen Springwater gets high marks for it’s surprising comfort and stiffness. A  little more weather proofing would be nice but I’m not complaining…plus that might make them too warm in the summer months.

I recommend these for commuting or for those cruising some single track.

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