“Keep Your Head Out of the Gutter”

I attended  a very well received event at the Ibex flagship store located at 303 Newbury Street.  Boston Cyclists’ Union , Boloco (@boloco), Harpoon , and Ibex collaborated to host  an event, A Cyclists Guide to Safely Navigating Boston.

Pete Stidman, a founder of the union gave us insight to their mission and current campaigns which include: creating a city wide bike network, connecting the Haborwalk trail to the Neponset River trail which will become the Dorchester Coast Trail, also making a safe passage via cycletrack  stretching from the Harborwalk to the  Esplanade, other campaigns are focused on improvements along the SW Corridor and other parts of the Emerald Necklace.

We were then entertained by other cycling advocates that led a presentation on safe cycling in the city.  The acronym used to kick things off:  BLEEP- Be A Boy Scout. Love thy Neighbor. Expect the Disaster. Empower Yourself. Predictive Actions.

Be a Boy Scout- lights are a must, helmets, a bell, and maintain air pressure, brakes, chain, and quick releases.

Love Thy Neighbor- establishing a respected bike culture in Boston by obeying road rules, red lights, and staying off sidewalks.  At least stopping at a red light to make sure it’s clear before crossing intersection..which is a topic for another day…i..e . Idaho Stop Law.

Expect the Disaster: always be ready for the left cross and right hook, riding out of “dooring” zone, always expecting people to make wrong move, ride like your invisible.

Empower Yourself: If you lack the confidence at first use the cross walk in busier intersections. Don’t be afraid to take over the lane as you have a right to that lane just a car does.

Predictable Actions: Use hand signals, riding a straight line, no salmoning (riding opposing traffic), and staying away from curb

Important numbers for cyclists in Boston: Bad Bus Driver- 617.222.3200, Drivers- 617.343.4475


It was great to see so many folks interested in learning more about bike safety in an urban environment. Ibex had quite a bit of performance based merino wool spread out for attendees to shop with 15% of  each sale going back to Boston Cyclists Union. Many thanks to Boston Cyclists Union, Boloco, Harpoon, and the friendly Ibex staff  for hosting in their new digs and providing sweet Meru Hats to all in attendance.

Side note: I haven’t hit the pavement for quite sometime but then I do on the way home from a safe cycling presentation…ironic?

4 responses

  1. matt

    nice recap! can’t believe you wiped out on your way home! didn’t they discuss sticking your foot in the front wheel?

    October 27, 2010 at 11:26 am

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  3. Great recap and awesome event. Thanks so much for attending and appreciate your ongoing support.

    October 27, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    • Glad to have met the face behind @boloco! See you around town.

      October 27, 2010 at 8:52 pm

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