A Guy’s take on lululemon athletica

I should start out by letting everyone know that if it wasn’t for lululemon generously providing us with some active wear in support of our, “Hike to Remember” , I would have not understood the brilliance of this synthetic.  Being a merino wool enthusiast I was torn but intrigued at the same time to try the RunResponse Short and the Metal Vent Long Sleeve.

The most notable key characteristic for the long sleeve top after 11 hours on the trail was the no stink factor which is usually only attainable in a natural fiber such as merino wool. The shirt provided superior moisture management through it’s great wicking ability.  Jamie (wearing Achieve Tech Long Sleeve) and our friend Kristen can be seen enjoying a lunch lookout on the first day.

The RunResponse shorts with the liners were super comfortable but I had wondered how they would hold up to a long day on the trail and not in the yoga studio.  My thoughts and perceptions were put to rest after day one, then day two, three and four.  The comfort in these shorts is derived from a ultra wicking inner lining. The  lining was solid and maintained a tighter boxer brief feel and remained supportive throughout the hike. The short allowed maximum room for movement with it’s looser fit when scrambling around the massive slabs of New Hampshire granite along the ridge of the Monadnock Sunapee Greenway Trail.

While in Portland, Maine a couple of weeks ago and post hike I swung into the lululemon store and we were greeted by a warm and friendly staff.  I must admit it was only my second time in a lululemon store as I previously hadn’t known they made stuff for guys. Upon entering,  I soon realized that many other guys don’t know either as the Men’s section consisted of two small racks with long sleeves on top and shorts on the bottom.  This only heightened my awareness to the fact that while the majority of fans are women and yoga lovers this brand stretches well beyond the studio to the trails and wherever you adventure as a boy or girl.

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