Boston Ski and Snow Expo

I went to check out the Boston Ski and Snow Expo more to get excited about the upcoming season than anything else. There were some solid deals on models from last season and the best deal I did see was on a pair of LINE Prophets for just under $400….which seems to be the ultimate East Coast one ski quiver for all mountain ski anything ski.

The downside of buying at such an event is that the Ski Reps are planted in front of all sale ski’s protecting them from the masses as opposed to actually selling. I can bet you that if one these guys engaged me in the slightest I would have been justifying another pair for the quiver. However, the reps working the booths set up with the new lines were great to talk to about the their new ski’s.  The Volkl lineup looked great with the return of the twin tipped, rocker Gotma, the Mantra and a new offering, the Volkl Kendo, that has the same dimensions as the Mantra except a little bit narrower underfoot at 88mm. Too bad Made in the USA upstarts like Icelantic weren’t there showing off their amazing ski’s. I’m all about Icelantic and just placed another order with them last week…can’t wait for their arrival!

This is not the place for a crazy deal on a new pair of boards but more to see what is new for this year. Think wider and more rocker tip then ever. Some of the best new boards were clearly made for those that are lucky enough to spend a majority of their days in the true powder….out West or up at Jay Peak. What I thought was one of the more visually pleasing booths and with knowledgeable reps was from Dalbello/Elan.

After stopping by and chatting it up I happened to be in the right spot to meet Glen Plake before he started his autograph session.  I had no idea he would be there so that was a bonus and a signed poster for my nephew which takes care of his Christmas gift.

Glenn is sitting in a custom made chair for the event by a fun company,, which makes recycled ski chairs, benches, coat racks, and wine bottle holders. Thanks to Mike for hooking me up with a new wine rack!

All of the mountains from New England and beyond were well represented but most had really lame booths. A couple stood out (Crotched Mountain w/a dart prize dart board) from the pack better then others but overall  these resorts need to get more creative for these shows and have better lift ticket deals specific to the show to lure me through the ski resort gauntlet. Most of the folks seemed bored but it’s because their set up was boring and weren’t creating any buzz. The other mountain that stood out was Wildcat as they were also engaging folks via Twitter throughout the weekend. The smaller mountains won out from my perspective…they need to be creative and were effective in doing so.

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