Chaco ToeCoop paired with Primaloft-Merino Socks

I like footwear maybe more then I should admit but what’s the fun in not sharing a shoe that I love?

I have been a Chaco fan going back to 2001. The durability of the Vibram sole has always been evident and even better the ability to send them back to be resoled years later supporting an eco-friendly practice that provides loyalty to the devout wearer of the product line. Having numerous pairs and styles over the years has always left me wanting more from Chaco and something for all seasons.

Enter the ToeCoop…this 4 season sandal clog hybrid is exactly what the Doctor ordered. They have the look of a casual dress shoe and when worn with longer pants works perfectly in the office and beyond.  I wasn’t keen with the feel without socks as my feet didn’t breath all that well but once I slide on a pair of lightweight Primaloft merino wool blend socks these kicks took on a whole new level of comfort.

The Primaloft that you maybe familiar with from keeping your core warm with low bulk insulation found in many outer layer garments has recently launched a line of socks with Primaloft yarn.  Being a merino fan I wasn’t sure what to think, but I’m now convinced that they are a superior sock and the fit seems better than some big names in the merino wool business. They have great cushioning yet a slim profile and offer excellent moisture management to keep the feet warm and dry. They even seem to repel moisture from precipitation and dry 30% faster then regular merino wool socks which makes them a fine match for the Chaco ToeCoop.

I swear that I walk faster in these then any other shoe I own.  They are the perfect shoe for cruising around town, throwing on after a long hike or day on the slopes and paired with a lightweight Primaloft merino sock make for a perfect match.

2 responses

  1. Col

    I am also a long time wearer of Chaco’s; since 1996. I’ve since wear the ZX1 and the mens limited ZX2’s that were offered for only two years. The ToeCoop works well for when you want more coverage. At first, I wore them without socks just like my ZX’s. I also found out that the footbed around the toes can get sweaty and clammy in the enclosed enviroment. One day that I wore them for about 12 hours. After taking them off, I looked at my feet and found that my skin of my toes had turned a white color do too the moisture. Standing on sweaty rubber all day is not good for the foot. I stopped into a outdoor sports shop and a young lady recommend a sock with moisture management in terms of a lightweight wool sock. I will give the Primaloft’s a try.

    April 4, 2011 at 2:08 am

    • The Primaloft’s are worth a try and effective in most situations and hope they work for you. I would also think a lightweight merino wool sock would do the trick as well. Soon enough the sun will be shining and it won’t be an issue…at least until next Fall. I hope to hear good results for you Colin. Thank you for your informative comment!

      April 13, 2011 at 9:35 pm

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