The Freeheel Life 2: Hippies, Punx, & Misfits

I was more then happy to attend a screening last night of “The Freeheel Life 2: Hippies, Punx, Misfits”.  Josh Madsen the Director, Editor, Producer and Telemark evangelist himself was there to show off his work which was nothing short of extraordinary.

The straight up ski porn makes the mind wander to daydreams of dropping the knee everyday….at least for those of us tethered to an office. Although mobile technology has brought us a long way working away from an office it’s still tough to carve out the days needed to satisfy the quest for deep snow. Josh does an amazing job of helping us live the dream via these amazing athletes and promoting the graceful feel of the Telemark turn.

The movie connects you to the passion of individuals such as Tom Carter and Doug Robinson who were the pioneers of the emergence of Telemark skiing in the Unites States. They also provide a glimpse of the characteristics of the folks that led the emergence which was entertaining to say the least.  The Freeheel Life 2: delves into the historical timeline of the sport from it’s birthplace in Norway, the emergence in the US, to modern day footage in Utah, Alaska, California and Norway.

Interesting side note, the vast majority of people skiing in Norway are telemarking as this is how the kids learn….how cool!

Many thanks to the Ibex Boston store staff for hosting this event. I met some great people and reconnected with others including the good folks from my neighborhood bike advocacy group…DOT Bike.

If you are in the New England area and interested in learning the telemark turn as a beginner or cross over from Alpine, I would highly recommend the Telemark Ski School at Mad River Glen or locally outside of Boston contact the Eastern Mountain Sports Ski School.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and would be happy to point you in the right direction.

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