Camping away from the crowd…Canoe needed!

I have been thinking about where I would like to camp with my family this summer. Typically the only way to get away from the crowd is to go backpacking for a few days. With a small child that can be done but I would like to bring along some “car camping” comforts that wouldn’t normally make into the pack. We have some great spots we have gone in past years but I am looking to mix it up and have found a spot I would like to share! It does require enough extra effort that no matter where it’s published you will still find your peace and quiet.

The destination this summer will be Green River Reservoir State Park about an hour North of Burlington, VT. The 653 acre body of water boasts 19 miles of undeveloped shoreline. The 28 designated camp sites require a one to two mile paddle to reach. The paddle alone is enough to eliminate the people factor.  A weekend of hiking, reading, teaching my girl how to fish, and relaxing in the hammock along the water sounds like the perfect match.  I assume swimming is frowned upon as it’s a reservoir but I am sure there are swimming holes within a short hike.

Need a canoe? There is a canoe rental place close by the reservoir although I couldn’t find a website (actually even more appealing!) I did find Country Canoe Rental contact information on the google machine.

I will be sure to post a trip report after we make this happen. If you end up there this summer please be sure to let me know about your experience!

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