Chaco Otis available Fall 2011

This chukka styled shoe hits the market later in the summer but I couldn’t resist posting my review. The Chaco Otis has a suede upper that is resistant to the slop of winter and maintains a nice clean look.  A good friend won these on my behalf at the Outdoor Retailer Winter show.  Chaco is now expanding their line into the Fall/Winter. Anyone that has worn Chaco’s in the past understands the comfort that is synonymous with the Chaco brand. The footbed ensures a supported, comfortable stride in all activities.  For someone that is cruising around town on a regular basis I have found these as my go to option this Winter over my beloved Blundstones.

I have always felt like I could walk faster in any Chaco shoe and according to the Chaco 10 Step Challenge it confirms I was onto something. The traits of the foot bed allow you to walk an average 2-8 feet further over a ten  foot span wearing Chaco’s as opposed to being barefoot. Now it’s become psychological that if I am not wearing my Chaco’s I will be slowed down.

I found a blog that provides a further glimpse into the Chaco Fall/Winter 2011 lineup. Both Men and Women will find the Fall/Winter 2011 collection attractive and worth a serious look fall

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