Patagonia rising above the norm!

A person doesn’t have to be in a customer service role to make an impact. Customer service is an art form that is essential to any role within an organization. I recently had an experience that I consider artistry. Art isn’t just a painting, drawing or sculpture but an act that creates a mindset or change for another person.

A public relations contact, Jess, from Patagonia is an artist. She impacted me by doing something not expected and certainly not a responsibility within her Public Relations role. She had been told about a ski accident I was involved in and how I was bummed about my 10 year old, go to Patagonia vest, that had to be cut off my body by ski patrol….along with a new jacket. She acted on an emotion and outside of her job description and sent me a brand new vest. This is a great example of someone demonstrating amazing customer service.

More organizations need people that think outside of their roles to exceed customer expectations! I was already a fan of Patagonia for many reasons beyond their clothing but that was solidified forever by one act of superior customer service!

One response

  1. Wow, this is truly unbelievable. I’ve been obsessed with “patagucci” for years, but this truly does speak volumes of their company and the type of people that they employ. Cheers to Patagonia!

    March 28, 2011 at 2:16 pm

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