Boston Bike Friday

Up and at it this morning to meet the DOT Bike convoy as they were spinning past my part of the neighborhood at 7:15. It was awesome to see the crew being escorted by the Boston Police (C-11) as well as BPD riders guiding our convoy to City Hall for the first Bike Friday event of the year. Thanks BPD!!! I rode in and had fun chatting it up with Andy from DOT Bike.

The usual suspects from previous years were there promoting National Bike to Work Week. Always great to see the vendors/organizations supporting the growing cycling culture of Boston. Of course, my first stop was at the Boloco tent for the tasty Truck Stop egg burrito and a cup of coffee. It was also nice to see Pete from Boston Cyclists Union as they are strongly committed to supporting Boston as a world class cycling community.

A new participant to be present this year included one of Boston’s recently permitted mobile food vendors, Equal Exchange Free Range, follow them on Twitter to know where they will be with their trike so you can try some of their excellent organic coffee. (Thanks, Jess!).

I brought my bike over to the WheelWorks tent for a quick adjustment to my brakes and made my way to the other various tents. I met Janey from Go Green Streets and really love what they are doing to promote not only cycling but any alternative to commute besides a car. Having the options we do in the city is pretty awesome not only for our health and environment but on our wallets.

Another cool company that is getting bigger every year, Urban AdvenTour, was here today as always promoting there awesome bike tours of the city….what an alternative to see all the nooks and crannies of the city!

Here is a shot of the scene and the organizations that are doing there part in promoting a healthier Boston! Don’t mind the horrible example of 1960’s architecture being represented (City Hall).

A fun morning and glad to catch up with friends (yeah you Ibex Jenny) from around town. Happy Friday!

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