Revitalize your gear with NIKWAX

I received a generous goodie bag from Nikwax and my leather boots, wool clothes, and technical outerwear were the beneficiaries.

I started with the clean up of multiple pairs of leather boots and applied ample amounts of  waterproofing wax for leather. As you can see from the pictures below these boots were ready to soak up the wax. While recommended for boots with gore-tex or eVent, it can be used on boots without. This is a very safe product that allows you to use your fingers for application without worry. Beyond the obvious waterproofing benefit this wax really cleans up a boot with a really nice shine. I didn’t buff then at all with a cloth and they still came out shining. The middle picture below shows all conditioned boots 24 hours after first use. The 2 oz tube provided plenty of liquid for the first use and will be enough for another application as needed for each of the five pairs of boots.

The overall reconditioning of the leather almost overshadows the waterproofing function. Yes, the wax will darken your boots which I believe provides that  newer look the boots once had.
The NIKWAX Tech Wash is perfect for any outerwear that has a DWR finish that you are afraid to wash out the repellent attributes from. I put three jackets into the front loader with one of those jackets needing a lift from old age.  A lift it received, as it repelled the rain like a newer shell.  I also look forward to working this Tech Wash into my tents, as I was unaware of the use beyond outerwear.
Lastly, I was more than happy to try out the Wool Wash travel gel as I am heavily invested in all things merino (Ibex)! I only used on one item because I want to save this for travel. When traveling/hiking, I pack merino wool items to reduce the amount of clothes needed as it naturally fends off stink. However, if a top is worn for more then 2-3 days for active pursuits it could use a quick wash without the need of a washing machine making the travel gel a necessity in my bag.
NIKWAX not only revitalizes old gear but maintains your new gear. When you make the investment in your gear it’s important to take exceptional care to ensure longevity. The NIKWAX product family is short money for the long term benefits it provides.

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