Outdoor Research Sensor Glove

I am thankful to Outdoor Research for providing me with their touchscreen Sensor gloves. Much of my Winter commute is time spent on the platform waiting for the T. I was having a hard time using my smartphone without freezing my fingers.

While other brands provide gloves with one or two fingers to use the touchscreen these OR gloves use Touchtec leather on the entire palm side of the glove. OR uses a 100 weight-Radiant Fleece to provide warmth and wind resistance. This is more then adequate for the expected use of the Senor glove. OR does offer beefier gloves with Touchtec leather to provide more warmth for those who want to access their phone or iPod on the ski lift. While the gloves are warm for the commute they are by no means a ski glove which OR also offers. 

The sensor gloves did take some getting use to as the ends of the fingers are squared off and needing a specific motion to scroll through applications on the phone. As for typing, I can’t say they are that easy to type with but then again I don’t send to many detailed messages from my phone with our without gloves. Beyond the Touchtec abilities this glove looks and feels a step above your garden variety fleece glove as the leather palms give it upgrade in style as well.
Per the usual, Outdoor Research is innovating above and beyond their competitors with this glove for mobile devices.

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