Commit to making a difference: Vapur | The Anti-Bottle

Do you buy cases of water bottles at the grocery store? Where does each one of those end up? I would like to share a brief story, I was walking the dog as usual this week and during the walk came across four empty water bottles. I then came across six more walking my daughter to school that morning. By 8:30am I had already encountered 10 empty water bottles that I picked up along the way. While I live in the city this is not isolated to any particular area but rather is a problem for the world and it’s oceans. Most storm drains in the neighborhood have stamps stating they drain into Boston Harbor.  These drains are where the bottles are usually found just before they make there way into the ocean. This may seem to be an extreme example but it honestly is the reality.

Very frustrating that the State House here in Massachusetts can’t get the proposed Bottle Bill passed and enact a 5cent deposit on beverage containers including water bottles. This will only be part of the solution and humans the other. I do know that with a 5cent deposit these would not litter city streets on a daily basis. I don’t know enough on why this isn’t going to pass this summer. I do know that I can make my own changes and ask you do the same.

Made in the USA, Vapur, recently sent me a couple of their  foldable, reusable, freezable, washable, and attachable alternative to disposable water bottles. Their tag line of “The Anti-Bottle” is the ultimate 3 word marketing message for  Vapur.

These go everywhere with me as when they are empty the breakdown super compact and and hook to anything. I have an Element .7L and Fun Size two pack to always have to hook one to the Ergo carrier or stroller. My 3.5 year old loves having it on the ready whether we are at the Aquarium or in the woods. I like being able to fill them half way and leaving in the freezer. When frozen they stay cold for hours…especially nice on the golf course or beach.

Below is a custom one I found at the New England Aquarium…selling in support of World Oceans Day.

Interested in making a difference? Pick out your own “Anti-Bottle” here.

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