Wolverine Fulcrum Hiking Boots

While this boot has been out a while now it’s not losing it’s luster. Many folks including myself may have only known Wolverine (they also own and have been expanding Chaco’s line) as work boot but they have made a splash in the hiking department. I first used these right out of the box for an easy hike up Mt Monadnock with one of my daughters on my back to get a feel for stability and support with a load closer to 40 pounds. I went up the most direct route and was impressed with how the Vibram soles stuck to the steeper granite slabs along the way up and more importantly on the way down. To be fair, like most soles they didn’t inspire confidence when the surface was wet.

The ICS (Individual Comfort System) feature in which I thought was kind of gimmicky proved worthy. While cumbersome to have to take off the boot and take out the insole it to adjust there is a clear benefit on a longer hike. I thought I would have to change it out along the way more often but only did once…on the way up stiff and way down softer. The ICS feature is also a solution for those that overpronate or have high arch issues.

The Gore-Tex membrane doesn’t disappoint and I wear these other times when banging around in wetter conditions when needing to stay dry. I have tempted fate by standing in a few inches of water for a longer duration expecting to get soggy but they stood strong. I believe the lack of seams on this boot are the main reason other then the Gore-Tex lining that they with stood the water.

I find myself wearing these off the trail as well and like the throwback look. At the $200 price point they have a lot of competition but can be found for less and I can recommend picking a pair up if you are putting in some hours on the trail this Fall. Many thanks to Wolverine for providing these fine boots for review.



  • Retro look
  • Adjustability of support
  • Gore-Tex membrane
  • Vibram sole
  • no stink organic lining


  • could be lighter
  • breath ability

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