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Smith Helmets save lives!

“We Make The Great Days Better” ….Great motto but it should be more like,  “We make everyday better,  even the bad days”. If you’re not wearing a ski helmet, no matter your level of ability, you shouldn’t be skiing. A helmet will save your life if given the opportunity. I had an accident heading off an unmarked 30 foot cliff (knowing they were in the area) and then pinballed my way through trees on my chest, finally becoming concealed in a chute with my elbow sticking out of the snow (bonus bright yellow jacket).  My Smith helmet is one of the major contributing factors to me being alive today. I was also blessed enough that one woman (an angel) who happened to be a former EMT saw my fall and came to my aid as I was unconscious, upside down and buried in a snowy grave. I have worn a helmet for the last ten or so seasons and want to emphasize the importance of protecting your head first and foremost. While I survived, I did incur a mild traumatic brain injury that took quite a bit of time to recover from, on top of many other broken bones. If not for the helmet I would have been dead or – at a minimum – learning how to walk and talk again. I hope my personal story will encourage others no matter the terrain you ski or board to protect your most important asset…your brain. Many skiers and boarders who sustain a serious head injury consider themselves to be advanced skiers, if not expert. These injuries are usually inflicted at high speeds on intermediate trails, not on the steep stuff. Wearing a ski helmet is a recognized and proven way to reduce the risk of a head injury, or to reduce the severity of an injury in the event of an impact – and I am a perfect example of the latter. Below is picture of my Smith Variant (Broken) Brim helmet post accident, with just the brim broken off on the side of my face that was injured. The newer models of Smith helmets including the Smith Variant Brim that I was wearing are much lower profile now eliminating the bowling ball look of the early days of ski helmet adoption. Keep in mind that helmets do need replacing after taking any hits or years of use.  Check out Smith’s hot new lineup here. If my Smith Vantage wasn’t nearly brand new, I would grab the new lime green colored Vantage. Bright colors should be utilized more often, in both soft and hardgoods alike, for overall safety on hill. If you ever question whether you should wear a helmet, please use my incident as reminder for the need to wear one regardless of skill level. The new line up of Smith helmets have the BOA adjustment system that cinch the helmet down on head with ease and comfort. I really like the improved snap for your goggles as the actual snap has been replaced with a mini bungee cord that keeps the goggles integrated perfectly. The dual regulator might be my favorite feature especially on the warmer days or other days when having to earn the turns…not a gimmick but an amazingly useful air flow that keeps you cool and fog free. The ear pieces allow for easy zip in and out audio with Skullcandy drop in audio kit or a bluetooth setup. The Smith Vantage is easily the most lightweight, low bulk, and breathable helmet I have worn. I would be hard pressed to find anything better- nor do I want to as I will never wear anything except Smith.

2 responses

  1. Great story, especially since it has a properly heart-warming ending. Agree that no matter the level of skier, it’s important to be helmeted. Wish all motorcyclists felt this way.

    October 23, 2012 at 9:37 pm

  2. scary story, great result tho!

    October 23, 2012 at 11:02 pm

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