Exposed Seam solution for bike commuters

Exposed Seam is a Boston based company that makes the StaySharp Commuter Cuff . Made in the USA for bike commuters or anyone hopping on their bike around town.

Easy to use protection from the chain. It has a reflective strip down the back. A small feature that goes a long way.  I love any additional reflective elements anywhere possible when riding anywhere day or night.

cuffs_linear (1)

You see all types of solutions that are far more cumbersome then using the cuff. Do yourself a favor and pick one up. Always nice to use a product made for cyclists by cyclists. Jonathan and Jen will be at the Boston Cycling and Health Expo this weekend.

You can find them on Facebook and Twitter

Thank you to Jonathan and Jen for providing me the product for review.

The innovative GeigerRig hydration packs

I was provided this innovative hydration pack, Rig 500 Ballastic, from the folks at GeigerRig. I was excited to review as I had traditionally used CamelBack hydration bladders for everything from hiking, skiing, biking, golf (bladder stashed in bag) and hitting the beach with the family.

This is a feature rich pack that changes my thoughts on hydration bladders I had used prior to GeigerRig. This pack is loaded with cool features including a dry stash pocket for your iPod and other pockets with just enough room for an extra set of keys, wallet, snacks for the kids and parent(s).  One tip that I recommend is filling just past a 1/4 full with water and put in the freezer the night before your activity to have cold water on the go for many hours. I have filled half way to provide even longer duration on the hottest of days. It’s become the go to for any family activity in which we need water. 

Here is what seperates these guys from the crowd (please see videos highlighted below for full feature explanations):

1) Pressurized  bladder- no more sucking, after a few pumps it can be sprayed into your mouth, your dogs mouth or even to clean the grime off your legs after a muddy hike or bike.

2) Filtration System– you can easily remove the regular tube and use the filtration tube for times you know you will need more water and have the luxury to dip into any water source without the hassle of using tablets, boiling, etc to purify the water. I do think that the pressured spray isn’t as strong but who cares when you are filtering primarily to drink.

3) Cleaning– if you have used bladders in the past you know that taste you can get after a few uses and it’s frustrating to not be able to clean the bladder better after every use. These bladders come with a plastic slider on one end allowing you to reach and a revers bladder for a quick cleaning or for a better clean the bladder is durable enough for the dishwasher.

While I have highlighted benefits in the warmer weather the GeigerRig’s also have insulated tubes which allow you to retrofit for Winter activities.

Never suck again and get yourself set up for the ultimate in hydration technology.

Playing with my GoPro HD Helmet Cam

I was pleasantly surprised by the GoPro gift from my twin brother. He bought it for me for skiing and in his words to “enhance” my blog.  I couldn’t wait and decided to wear it on my helmet for my commute into work. While I’m a total newbie to the camera, the GoPro took some great HD video!

Going forward I will have to get the chest mount for skiing to reduce the motion from the head while skiing. However, on my first commute with it mounted with the headlamp like strap it performed amazing….at least I thought so.

The camera shoots HD video in 1080p, 960p and 720p and also takes 1080p still photos. I will not bore you with the technical details as you can find more on the GoPro site.

The uses for this waterproof camera are endless for anyone who enjoys sports, especially high motion sports (biking, skiing, surfing, etc). This is also a great tool for instruction if you are with a patient friend who will take some video of your turns! All around good fun for everyone.

Check out my first video with it from my commute yesterday. While I need to improve editing it’s a work in progress. Please let me know what you think!

“Keep Your Head Out of the Gutter”

I attended  a very well received event at the Ibex flagship store located at 303 Newbury Street.  Boston Cyclists’ Union , Boloco (@boloco), Harpoon , and Ibex collaborated to host  an event, A Cyclists Guide to Safely Navigating Boston.

Pete Stidman, a founder of the union gave us insight to their mission and current campaigns which include: creating a city wide bike network, connecting the Haborwalk trail to the Neponset River trail which will become the Dorchester Coast Trail, also making a safe passage via cycletrack  stretching from the Harborwalk to the  Esplanade, other campaigns are focused on improvements along the SW Corridor and other parts of the Emerald Necklace.

We were then entertained by other cycling advocates that led a presentation on safe cycling in the city.  The acronym used to kick things off:  BLEEP- Be A Boy Scout. Love thy Neighbor. Expect the Disaster. Empower Yourself. Predictive Actions.

Be a Boy Scout- lights are a must, helmets, a bell, and maintain air pressure, brakes, chain, and quick releases.

Love Thy Neighbor- establishing a respected bike culture in Boston by obeying road rules, red lights, and staying off sidewalks.  At least stopping at a red light to make sure it’s clear before crossing intersection..which is a topic for another day…i..e . Idaho Stop Law.

Expect the Disaster: always be ready for the left cross and right hook, riding out of “dooring” zone, always expecting people to make wrong move, ride like your invisible.

Empower Yourself: If you lack the confidence at first use the cross walk in busier intersections. Don’t be afraid to take over the lane as you have a right to that lane just a car does.

Predictable Actions: Use hand signals, riding a straight line, no salmoning (riding opposing traffic), and staying away from curb

Important numbers for cyclists in Boston: Bad Bus Driver- 617.222.3200, Drivers- 617.343.4475


It was great to see so many folks interested in learning more about bike safety in an urban environment. Ibex had quite a bit of performance based merino wool spread out for attendees to shop with 15% of  each sale going back to Boston Cyclists Union. Many thanks to Boston Cyclists Union, Boloco, Harpoon, and the friendly Ibex staff  for hosting in their new digs and providing sweet Meru Hats to all in attendance.

Side note: I haven’t hit the pavement for quite sometime but then I do on the way home from a safe cycling presentation…ironic?