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Chaco Rex and Fantasia keeping a low profile

Chaco sandals have gone on a diet with their lightweight offerings this summer.  The Chaco Rex for Men and the Fantasia for Women.

I have been wearing the latest and greatest Chaco sandal, The Rex, for three weeks now. I have had them on pretty much everyday since I received both pairs (Thank you, Chaco). The Rex has a low profile sole unlike other variations of Chacos. While I still like the durability and stability of the larger Z soled Chacos, the Rex is now my go to. Comfort right away but you will need to find the feel of the webbing. The webbing isn’t quite like the Chaco of old. The heel strap was maxed out for a looser feel and my foot volume is not out of the ordinary. My wife, Leigh, cut off the end of her straps as they were way too long when cinched down

The Rex is a slimmed down version of the great Z soles that will find the heart of many. With that said, the Z soles are still the weapon of choice for burlier activities.

His & Her Chaco's Leigh, on her perspective on the Fantasia:

First off, I have to say that I like these shoes. I say that because I didn’t expect to. My first and only pair of Chacos are probably 3 years old, and I always thought they were a bit… clunky. Heavy, almost. These are much better! They still have the telltale toe strap, but the shoebed is much lighter than my previous pair. In addition, they have a really cute color design – soft green and brownish/grey – that seems to match everything. I have worn these around the city for day long excursions, and have been pleased with their performance. The only downside to these, I found, are the somewhat high arch. It’s not uncomfortable, but you do notice it. It took a couple of wears for me to get used to it. I found the arch a little distracting in the beginning. But once I was used to the natural feel, the high-ish arch doesn’t bother me anymore. That’s the only thing I don’t absolutely love about these.

I’d recommend these as an active shoe, when you plan on doing a fair amount of walking/outdoor summer activities.  They still have a rugged feel, but being a lighter version, they can look even cute with a casual skirt or summer dress.  All around a good pick.

Wearing these feels like a flip flop with way more support. If you haven’t tried Chaco products your missing out some great boots, shoes, sandals, and flops.

On Top of the Pile: Chaco Waterproof Credence Wool Nurl Boots

The Chaco Credence Wool Nurl takes your favorite summer sole and creates a super durable, wool lined, waterproof boot. I hesitate to call it a Winter boot, as not to confuse it with a heavier Winter boot like a Sorel. While it’s fully suitable for the Winter months, it’s not necessarily the boot you wear while snowshoeing in below-freezing temperatures.
This boot has a place in the woods- but surprises as a work boot and in town. From urban get around to stacking endless amounts of wood, this is a worthy chameleon-like contender looking for more time on your feet.
The first days were not challenging test days for the boots riding the Redline and walking to the office, but nonetheless left me a bit surprised with the all day comfort. Being Chaco’s, I knew they would have comfortable footbeds.  But the temperature control was awesome…never once felt too warm, most likely due to the ever-present wool acting as climate control. Going into the weekend I was ready to see if this comfort would sustain itself outside of the office and on the farm.  And that they it did.
The gigantic woodpile needing to be stacked proved to be a perfect environment: wet ground, temps in low 30’s (f), a solid 5.5 hours of work moving the wood pile and stacking.
A note on sizing:  I wear a 10 in most shoes including Chaco. These boots do run a little bigger as most boots do. The one remedy I had already planned on was inserting a pair of  SuperFeet over the existing footbed to help take up some volume and provide a snugger fit. While kicking around town they are fine having a little room, but while working I prefer them to have the ability to allow for modifications-which they did. Chaco doesn’t come in half sizes so something like SuperFeet makes sense instead of cramming into a full size down. I also wore a heavier weight merino wool sock with these boots when needing to suck up more space in the boot.
I wore these for 12 hours total that day, with a bulk of it in constant motion and at times forgot I had boots on. They don’t have a steel toe but did provide more than adequate protection for the occasional dropped piece of wood.
Each Credence boot features two looped pieces of leather making for putting on a breeze. The waterproof barrier didn’t seem to prevent them from breathing when the work got warm. The Vibram soles stuck to every surface – wet or dry – drawing confidence with every step over uneven earth.
The Credence is like a Blundstone on steroids. A must for those looking for a non bulky winter boot that you can get away with wearing with just about anything (although a suit would be pushing it…well maybe the black!)  I find this boot to be the perfect solution for the shoulder seasons and through Winter in urban environments and equally up to task in the hills. Many thanks to Chaco for providing this awesome boot for review.

Mother’s Day gift giving thoughts

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching and falls early this year on the 8th of May.

While I propose some gear thoughts for the active Mom I also believe traditional gifts are appealing as much as I like to think gear, gear, gear.

A great gift for the Mother of your child is a charm necklace. This can be built upon with additional charms for future Mother’s Days, birthday’s and other gift giving times of the year! My recommendation is checking out Helen Ficalora. Upon getting the chain, you can start with an Alphabet charm with the initial of your child. This is a sure win for Dad!

I might also recommend snapping up gift certificate (ummm…Groupon) for a facial, massage, or pedicure/manicure. Flowers are always welcome as well on Mother’s Day and should be standard in your mix of giving on Mother’s Day!

Now for the gear gift perspective…

I am sure the Mother you are buying for already has a watch or two but why not give her a watch that will help engage her while on a run or walk. A great watch that would meet fitness related goals would be an Ironwoman Sleek 150 Lap with Tapscreen.

Does she have a go to rain jacket for weekend away or a rainy walk with the dog? If not I can highly recommend the Outdoor Research- Palisade Jacket. My recommendation for Outdoor Research is based on knowing that anything they produce does the job intended and is also backed by their Infinite Guarantee.

An Ibex Hooded Indie is a lighter weight merino long sleeve that is great for layering in the colder months but also a year round piece of clothing suitable for any weekend bag. The beauty of the merino wool is it’s temperature range in which it can be worn. The Indie could be a great cover up from the sun while sailing or watching the sunset from your favorite beach.

For an everyday top in the hot summer months pick up the superfine, premium merino,  Reef Tank Top from Icebreaker. You will be thanked many times over because of the ultimate comfort the soft merino provides on the hottest of days.

You can’t go wrong with a new pair Chaco Flips which are all flip and no flop. The comfortable Chaco footbed will keep her feet happy all day long.

I wish you well in your hunt for the ideal Mother’s Day gift!

Chaco Otis available Fall 2011

This chukka styled shoe hits the market later in the summer but I couldn’t resist posting my review. The Chaco Otis has a suede upper that is resistant to the slop of winter and maintains a nice clean look.  A good friend won these on my behalf at the Outdoor Retailer Winter show.  Chaco is now expanding their line into the Fall/Winter. Anyone that has worn Chaco’s in the past understands the comfort that is synonymous with the Chaco brand. The footbed ensures a supported, comfortable stride in all activities.  For someone that is cruising around town on a regular basis I have found these as my go to option this Winter over my beloved Blundstones.

I have always felt like I could walk faster in any Chaco shoe and according to the Chaco 10 Step Challenge it confirms I was onto something. The traits of the foot bed allow you to walk an average 2-8 feet further over a ten  foot span wearing Chaco’s as opposed to being barefoot. Now it’s become psychological that if I am not wearing my Chaco’s I will be slowed down.

I found a blog that provides a further glimpse into the Chaco Fall/Winter 2011 lineup. Both Men and Women will find the Fall/Winter 2011 collection attractive and worth a serious look fall

Chaco ToeCoop paired with Primaloft-Merino Socks

I like footwear maybe more then I should admit but what’s the fun in not sharing a shoe that I love?

I have been a Chaco fan going back to 2001. The durability of the Vibram sole has always been evident and even better the ability to send them back to be resoled years later supporting an eco-friendly practice that provides loyalty to the devout wearer of the product line. Having numerous pairs and styles over the years has always left me wanting more from Chaco and something for all seasons.

Enter the ToeCoop…this 4 season sandal clog hybrid is exactly what the Doctor ordered. They have the look of a casual dress shoe and when worn with longer pants works perfectly in the office and beyond.  I wasn’t keen with the feel without socks as my feet didn’t breath all that well but once I slide on a pair of lightweight Primaloft merino wool blend socks these kicks took on a whole new level of comfort.

The Primaloft that you maybe familiar with from keeping your core warm with low bulk insulation found in many outer layer garments has recently launched a line of socks with Primaloft yarn.  Being a merino fan I wasn’t sure what to think, but I’m now convinced that they are a superior sock and the fit seems better than some big names in the merino wool business. They have great cushioning yet a slim profile and offer excellent moisture management to keep the feet warm and dry. They even seem to repel moisture from precipitation and dry 30% faster then regular merino wool socks which makes them a fine match for the Chaco ToeCoop.

I swear that I walk faster in these then any other shoe I own.  They are the perfect shoe for cruising around town, throwing on after a long hike or day on the slopes and paired with a lightweight Primaloft merino sock make for a perfect match.